What Are Signs of Diabetes in Your Feet?

If you or someone you know deals with diabetes, you may already know how important it is to care for your feet when you have diabetes. There are many symptoms of diabetes that occur in the feet and it’s more likely that you can develop an infection in your feet if they’re left uncared for. Dr. Barry Schoenberg and Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz at Palisades Podiatry Associates in Pomona, NY, can explain the importance of diabetic foot care and what you should be looking for in your feet when you’re dealing with diabetes.

Dealing with Diabetic Feet

When you’re dealing with diabetes, it can cause symptoms to occur in your limbs, especially in your feet. One common complication that occurs with diabetes is peripheral neuropathy. This is known as nerve damage and is common in the feet. This causes you to experience a full lack of sensation. Because of this lack of sensation, it can be difficult to notice cuts or wounds on your feet and this can lead to infection when it isn’t treated.

It's important to discuss diabetic foot care with your podiatrist in Pomona, NY, so that you are avoiding any severe issues and getting all the care that you need. It’s important that you’re consistently caring for your feet and making sure that they’re free of cuts and always clean and avoiding fungus and other issues.

Diabetes also makes it difficult for a wound to heal properly. This is why it’s so important to check your feet, because you may not be able to feel the cut and the cut could stay open for longer, leaving you prone to infection.

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